Flamp Resizer cookies policy

This cookie policy defines the basis for using cookies on the https://resizer.flamp.io/ website (hereafter - "Website").
When you first visit our Website, you will be informed about the use of cookies and the appropriate ways to use them.
By using the Website without changing your cookie settings, you consent to the use of cookies on the Website in accordance with this policy on this type of file. The text of consent to the use of cookies is at the end of the Privacy Policy.
You can change your settings at any time.
If you do not agree with our use of this type of file, you should adjust your browser accordingly or not use this Website.
We have the right to unilaterally amend this Policy by updating this page.
You should review this page periodically to make sure you are comfortable with possible changes.
This policy comes into effect on 14. 12. 2021.

1.2. Definitions and types of cookie

Cookies - files or snippets of information that can be stored on your computer (or other Internet compatible devices such as a smartphone or tablet) when you visit the Website. This type of file may contain a variety of information, such as browser type, operating system used, language settings or other personal page settings, your user history of the Website, information about you orders and login details. Typically, cookies are not used to collect data that directly identify an individual. However, information obtained through cookies can be correlated with an individual at the time of their providing such personal information combining this with information such as an email address.
There may also be other technologies that are similar to cookies that store data in your browser or on your device. While you may not be able to opt out of these tracking technologies with your browser settings, these technologies usually only work in conjunction with cookies.
Accordingly, opting out of using cookies in your browser will in most cases also disable these technologies. All of these technologies are hereafter jointly referred to as "cookies.
Cookies are used:
- to customise the contents of the Website's pages in accordance with the user's preferences as well as to optimise the Website – in particular, to allow your device to be recognised – and accordingly, to modify the Website page to suit your individual needs;
- to create statistics that help understand how users use the Website in order to optimise structure and content;
- to retain the Website User session (after logging in), so users do not have to re-enter logins and passwords on each page;
Cookies do not harm your device but allow us to provide you with faster and better web navigation (their purpose can range from authentication to storing information about user configurations in gaining access to the server, etc.) of the pages of our Website. Cookies are usually present in significant numbers in each user browser and sometimes subsist for a long time.
Our Website uses two different types of cookie: "session cookies" and " persistent cookies".
Session cookies are files that are stored on your device before leaving the Website or disabling the software (web browser).
Persistent cookies are stored on your device for the time specified in the cookie settings, or until you delete them.

1.3. List of cookies that the Website uses when it is functioning:

- Mandatory cookies
These cookies are necessary to make the Website function correctly - they allow you to move around the Website and to use its resources. These files do not identify you as a person. If you do not agree to use this type of file, it may have an impact on the performance of the Website or its components.

- Tracking cookies
We use tracking cookies to update the fees paid to the business partners we work with. Tracking cookies document the number and time of clicks on links to offers. If you subsequently purchase something from a specific business partner, the cookie identifies you as a buyer redirected from our Website and we will earn a commission. These cookies are solely to correctly match the sale to the corresponding offer on our Website.

- Functional cookies
These cookies allow you to "remember" what choices you made (for example, where you have entered the username, language, and region you are in) to improve efficiency and appropriacy of the functioning of the Website. Information collected from this type of file may include personal information you provided, such as your username or information about your orders. We will always inform you about what information we collect, what we do with it and how we process it. If you block this type of file, it may affect the performance and functionality of the Website and may restrict access to content on the Website.

- Advertising and targeted cookies
These cookies allow publishing of advertising content that may interest you and be interesting. They can be used to deliver targeted ads or to limit the number of ad views. They also help us evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the Website and the websites of other companies. We may use these cookies to gain information about the websites you have visited, and we may share this information with other parties, including advertisers and agencies. Information collected from this type of file may include personal information that you have provided. We will always inform you about what information we collect, what we do with it, and how we process it. If you block this type of file it may affect the performance and functionality of the Website and may restrict access to content on the Website.

- Social media cookies
This Website may contain social networking plugins such as Facebook so you can share the content of these websites on such social networks. If you use these components these social networks can also place cookies in your browser for advertising purposes.
Additionally, this Website uses web beacons (also called pixels, pixel tags, or GIFs).
Web beacons are small graphic files (1x1 GIF files) that are embedded in HTML web pages or emails and usually remain invisible to users. Web beacons are typically used with cookies and allow user interactions with website or newsletter content to be tracked.
For example, we can use web beacons to determine whether emails have been opened or whether links have been made to identify trends and individual usage patterns, as well as to generate site usage statistics.

1.4. Managing your cookie settings

In many cases, web browsing software (web browser) allows cookies to be stored in your device by default. You can make changes to your cookie settings at any time. These settings can be changed in your web browser settings. Detailed information about the options for and ways of storing cookies can be found in software settings (web browser).
Please note that disabling the support for the cookies which we use can affect the functionality of our Website.

resizer.flamp.io user agreement

Agreement on the terms of use of the resizer.flamp.io webservice.

Reviewed 14. 12. 2021

This User Agreement defines the terms of users' use of the resources and services of the website resizer.flamp.io

The use of the website's resources and services is governed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

This user agreement is a public offer.

You may use the service in any way and in any form within its declared functionality, including:
Viewing the website;
Sending a message using online forms on the website;
Contacting the website 's support service via the information posted on the website;
Any other use of this service will be taken to be an acceptance of this user agreement.
By making use of any of the above options, you confirm that:
a) You have read the terms of this user agreement in full prior to the introduction of the service.
b) You accept all the terms of this user agreement in full without exemption or restrictions on your part, and undertake either to comply with the same, or to discontinue using the service.

The Website administration has the right to unilaterally change the terms of this user agreement at any time. These changes take effect after 3 (three) days from the date of the new version of the user agreement being posted on the Website. If the user disagrees with the changes made, he is obliged to desist from access to the Website and to cease using the resources and services thereof.

1. General
1.1. This document uses the following terms and definitions:
a) The Service – a combination of software and hardware features that the User is given access to for information services.

b) Website – an automated information system available on the internet (including subdomains) at: https://resizer.flamp.io/

c) The User – a visitor to the Website.

d) Provision – the provision to Users of information for the automatic creation of creatives for targeting, as well as for YAN and GDN – videos and static banners in any number and of any size.

2. General terms and conditions for using the Service

2.1. A prerequisite for the conclusion of this user agreement is the full and unconditional acceptance and compliance of the User with the following requirements and conditions set out below (hereafter - Mandatory documents):
j) Cookie policy posted and/or available on the Internet at https://resizer.flamp.io/, which sets out the rules for the use of cookies.
2.2. The Website administration has the right to set limits and impose other technical restrictions on the use of the Service. These will be brought to the attention of Users from time to time in a form and manner chosen by the Website administration.

3. Restrictions

By agreeing to the terms of this user agreement, you understand and recognize that:
3.1. Parties' relationship with the Service is not subject to consumer protection legislation on a pro bono basis.
3.2. The Service is available for use "as is", for information and entertainment purposes, whereby Users are not offered any guarantee that the Service will meet all User requirements; Provision will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors; the results that can be obtained using the Service will be accurate and reliable; the quality of any product, service, information and content obtained using the Service will be in line with the user's expectations; any errors in the service's content and/or software will be corrected.
3.3. As the Service is continually being added to and upgraded, the form and nature of the provisions provided may change from time to time without prior notification to the User. The administration of the Website has the right to stop (temporarily or permanently) the provisions (or any part thereof) provided to all Users in general or individual User(s) without prior notice.
3.4. The User is pre-warned that the Website administration is not responsible for the content of external resources accessed via links published on the Website.
3.5. The User agrees that the Website administration is not liable and has no direct or indirect obligation to the User in connection with any possible or actual loss associated with any of the content on the Website, including in respect of copyright registration and information about such registration, goods or services available on or received through external websites or resources, or other user contacts to which he has entered into using information posted on the Website or via its links to external resources.

4. Notifications

4.1. The User agrees to receive information and/or updates (hereafter – "notifications") from the Website administration to the email address provided whilst subscribed to the Service.
4.2. The Website administration has the right to use email notifications both for an informative or advertising purpose and to inform the User about changes and new features on the Service and about changes to the user agreement or the mandatory documents specified in it.

5. Other conditions

5.1. This user agreement, including the manner in which it is concluded and executed and any issues arising outside the terms of this user agreement are governed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
5.2. Nothing in the user agreement can be understood as establishing agency, partnerships, collaborative relationships, personal employment relationships, or any other relationship not explicitly provided for by the user agreement, between the User and the Website administration.
The court's recognition of any condition of the user agreement as invalid or non-enforceable will not lead to invalidation of any other conditions of the user agreement.
All disputes under or in connection with the user agreement are subject to consideration at the court of the locality of the Website administration premises in accordance with the current procedural law of the Russian Federation.
5.3. This user agreement may be amended or terminated unilaterally by the Website administration without any prior notification to the User and without any compensation in this regard.
5.4. The current version of this User Agreement is available on the Website and is available on the Internet at https://resizer.flamp.io/